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Businessmen's associations

The Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, FECC

Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (a.k.a. FECC) is a non-profit association of business executives, entrepeneurs and even large corporations interested in trade and investments between the two countries. FECC and its members act in order to create and maintain positive entrepeneural and business environments.

Chamber continues the work of ESLY (Estonian-Finnish Businessmen's Association), which was officially set up and registrated in 1996 but which began to formulate already soon after the re-independence of Estonia among Finnish expatriated businessmen.
In order to achieve its goals, FECC arranges for its members different meetings, seminars and other events to enable personal networking and to discuss current issues. Those cover a variety of topics, e.g. Estonian economic and political development, work relations, and legislation. FECC arranges also social events and freetime activities for its members.

FECC works in close cooperation with other business associations that operate in Finland, Estonia, and the other Baltic states. The organisation’s members, numbered currently to near 150, conclude of Finnish and Estonian businesses working in a wide variety of fields.

FECC is also known as Soome-Eesti Kaubanduskoda in Estonian and as Suomalais-eestiläinen kauppakamari in Finnish.

Contact information:
FECC / Sami Seppänen (Chairman of the Chamber)
c/o Elisa Eesti AS, P.O. Box 289, 10503 Tallinn

FECC / Kelli Püss (Secretary of the Chamber)
Mobile: +372 56 255668 


The Suomettaret are a network of Finnish business women with dealings in Estonia who meet around once a month, each time at a different participant’s business premises. The aims of the group are to get to know one another, swap ideas with the other female entrepreneurs, as well as find possible business partners.

The Suomettaret also take part in charity work whenever possible. Amongst other things, they have organised a collection of toys for a disabled children’s home.

Contact information :

Päivi Tirkkonen,, +372 5682 7887

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