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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Embassy of Finland, Tallinn


Kohtu 4
15180 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel. +372-6103 200
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Finland bears its share of responsibility for asylum seekers

Turvapaikanhakijat - ENFinland is helping to reduce migratory pressures on Southern Europe and Turkey by receiving refugees and asylum seekers as part of EU relocation and resettlement schemes. More...

Remember Finland emojis?

FINemoji Memory GameTest yourself with the Finland emoji memory game, see how well you can recall the Finland emojis. More...

Saturday means sauna

Saunapäivä 215pxOn Sauna Day bathers can get steamed up in venues not normally open to the public, including luxury saunas, rustic wooden saunas, a tube sauna, and a Mongolian yurt. More...

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